A couple of times recently I’ve had very vivid recollections of my live experience seeing Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Alegria’ in the elegant white Grand Chapiteau. The vivid memory of stepping in the first time; my first live show. How small, dark, colorful, and intimate it was. The smells of popcorn, the chapiteau canvas, and my souvenir program. The warmish fresh spring weather, the chirping birds in animation, the excitement, the anticipation.
Today I realized 8 years ago in March was the first time I went to see it. I believe it was March 23 (I’m too lazy to check my ticket stub) It was incredible, beautiful, and magical.
The high quality of that experience opened my eyes to the type of beauty that can exist. Not to mention the proof of what can be accomplished by numerous creative teams in different disciplines working together. I think of the sensory experiences that design can evoke; smell, sight, feel, noise, and taste. The journey, sequence, and scale of spaces. The journey, sequence, and scale of events. The quality of what MIGHT happen in a space. The quality of possibility.