Architecture: Typo

The discussions these past two weeks have gotten the semester off to an intriguing start. During this last year at the college it seems all the lessons from the previous years are coming into focus at high-def. I couldn’t be happier that the focus this year is completely relevant to what I’m trying to figure out for my parents; helping them design their next home! My mom has been in love with a style of home she’s seen in Laredo TX for years, and the topics this semester are dealing with historic preservation, renovation, typologies, and city typologies. I’ve been pointed in the direction of architectural historian Steven Fox for a start, and I’ll need to do extra research on this particular house type… x_x I’d love to bring it into the 21st century, into Houston and its context, but also maintain the details my parents will enjoy in their probable dream home. I hope I soak enough information this year to accomplish that.
Tonight’s RDA lecture by director of Tulane’s City Center program Scott Bernhard was fascinating. He went sufficiently in-depth showing New Orleans’ growth pattern, its struggle with Hurricane Katrina and that civil engineering disaster, and finally the incredible projects the program is producing in the city.
At the heart of it all were a few lessons in the importance of involving the community with projects for them to be successful and valued, as well as bringing traditional house-types into post-Katrina 21st century New Orleans.
Over and over we see incredible examples of beautiful design (urban/architecture/landscape/industrial) inspired by what’s been done and how problems were solved. It’s a shame how easily the answers get lost.

Honorable Mentions:
Courthouse Towns
Steven Fox
Manuel Amabalis
Louis E Carranza
J.B. Jackson
Scott Bernhard